Taylor Swift had it right!

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Ever stop to wonder how a writer gets their inspiration? How they manage to find the exact words to say what you’re going through or to explain how something feels?It’s not always easy to do but it is doable if one thing is remembered, explain what you already know about the situation.

For instance, let’s say the emotion you’re trying to describe is loss. At some point in most people’s lives they have lost something. It may have been a person who was close to them, a pet they’ve had for years or even a close friend who has suddenly decided they no longer wish to be a part of their life. While that situation may not be what the writer is trying to describe, the emotion is still the same. This substitution of emotions is the very basis of what a writer does.

In order to make the emotions seem real, we use real emotions. While we may not have experienced the loss of a child, there’s a good chance we’ve lost our first love and can substitute the feeling and make it so that the feeling stands for what it is meant to.

Nicky MatthewsTaylor Swift had it right!

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