Welcome to the Fishbowl

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While I am still very dedicated to writing “Year of the Psycho” and publishing “Up to No Good”, I hit a spot where I needed to write something else. While I was in college a group of friends and I had a room we tended to hang out in, it reminded us of a FishBowl and as such we eventually nicknamed it just that. Over the years, a lot of things happened in that room. Some of the oddest conversations happened, a nerf war or two might have broken out, and many many other events and as such, I felt like the stories deserved to be shared. So until I can find the inspiration to finish the chapter of “Year of the Psycho”, this is what I’m working on. Keep your eyes peeled, I promise, it will be well worth the wait!

Nicky MatthewsWelcome to the Fishbowl

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