About Me

After growing up in a small town in Northeastern Lower Michigan, Nicky’d said “That would make a great story” more times then she could count. Eventually, she decided that it was time to try and do just that, write the story and at the age of thirteen began the first of many that would go unfinished. However, at the age of twenty four, she finally finished “Up to No Good” and two years later began to journey to publication.

A graduate of Ferris University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrative Sciences, she has always kept writing close. Through out her program, she could be found either taking a writing course in order to keep her skills sharp or dabbling in a new project in between writing term papers, helping her fellow students and keeping an active social life going. She has actively participated in NANOWRIMO and Camp NANOWRIMO for 5 years now and continues to do so.

These days, Nicky can be found in many different places. As winter sets in, she’s likely to be found at a hockey game or ice skating. Yet, when the weather gets bad enough she’s kept inside knitting and crocheting along with writing a chapter or two of the new piece that she’s working on. During the spring and summer months though, she can be found with a notebook and an ink pen at a softball game, enjoying the sun at the beach or wherever she can find a little bit of sun and some inspiration.

  Nicky can be reached at: Nickymatthews1023@gmail.com or on Twitter at @Nickymatthews23.

Nicky MatthewsAbout Me