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Writing Prompt #1: You have just moved into a new neighborhood and have met the neighbors. You find one to be highly attractive and you think he/she’s sending you signals that he/she is interested. Look out for a blog on Saturday with my response! In the meantime, share your responses in the comments section!

Nicky MatthewsWrite on!

Exciting News

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I am glad to tell you all that on Thursdays we are going to try something new. Each Thursday I will post a writing prompt. You can either comment or email in what you come up with but I do encourage that you participate freely. This way you can see what other authors are coming up with and who knows, …

Nicky MatthewsExciting News

Being sick

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One major set back many writers face is being sick. You never feel like doing anything while you’re sniffling, sneezing, hacking and all around just not feeling good. Unfortunately this can be very disheartening too as deadlines don’t wait, and they only loom closer. For me this is the case right now. I have personal deadlines set as to where …

Nicky MatthewsBeing sick

Keeping Your Sanity

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Often times we all get into a bind where nothing seems to work out quite right. Our friends are mad, they’re sad, they’re confused, they run to us and no matter what we’re doing we’re supposed to drop everything and help them out as if nothing were wrong. For a writer, this can be tough. There’s nothing worse than having …

Nicky MatthewsKeeping Your Sanity

Year of the Psycho

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Good news! Though it has taken me a little time, I have gotten through editing chapter 1 of Year of the Psycho and now must go back through my notes and begin the process of rewriting. While this might sound like bad news to some, it actually isnt, it’s truely good news because it means that I’m making progress towards …

Nicky MatthewsYear of the Psycho

Sex Scenes

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One of the toughest things for writers to write are sex scenes. How detailed should you be? What’s tacky? What’s enough to let the reader know what’s going on but not enough to turn them off from reading further? In the age of 50 Shades of Gray, this can be tough to distinguish. However, as a mentor of mine told …

Nicky MatthewsSex Scenes

A little bit of Spice

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As I sit here staring at my computer on a Saturday night I realized something. It’s official I may perhaps be the most boring person on the planet. On a Saturday night where I could be out listening to a band, enjoying the company of my friends or otherwise goofing off I’m editing a chapter and trying to decide what …

Nicky MatthewsA little bit of Spice

Up to No Good Update

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Good new for all of you who are eagerly awaiting the release of Up to No Good. We are in the final legs!!!!! We are currently working on the fine tuning and cover for it. Keep your eyes peeled because very soon I will be glad to tell you that we have officially released!!!!!!!

Nicky MatthewsUp to No Good Update

Writing Process

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Several people have asked about my writing process. The truth is, I dont actually have one set process, it depends upon the project that I’m working on. When it came to Up to No Good, it was a very straight forward process. I started at chapter 1 and wrote till the end. Then I went back and edited several times. …

Nicky MatthewsWriting Process

Look How Far We’ve Come!

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In the last two weeks, numbers have soared to surprising levels when it comes to how many likes my page has received. We started out with 4 simple likes and now we are at 50. Those numbers are staggering for me. It’s not as if 50 of my friends liked it, in fact, complete strangers have. That makes it worth …

Nicky MatthewsLook How Far We’ve Come!