Up to No Good Update

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Good News! We are very quickly approaching a final edit and then publication!!!!!!! Keep your eyes peeled on this page as well as our Facebook page for upcoming details!!!!! I truly hope that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

Nicky MatthewsUp to No Good Update

Learning something new every day

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One of the most fun things about writing is, you learn something new with each story. Sometimes it’s the research that you have to do about an area that you’re writing about or sometimes it the way that you write. I had one of these moments last night. I was speaking to a fellow writer and she asked me why …

Nicky MatthewsLearning something new every day


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I saw this video this morning and the message at the beginning really spoke to me. I’ve been dreaming the dream of becoming a writer for 13 years this year. I know, I know, that’s not the number that you want to see when you’re hoping for luck. However, along the way I’ve learned a lot. Truth is, writing for …

Nicky MatthewsDreams


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Days like today remind me of the worst challenge yet to face writers. Stress and it doesnt even always have to be planned. You get an early morning phone call that wakes you from a dead sleep, it’s a friend that needs you. For people like me it’s an automatic autopilot and writing goes on the back burner for the …

Nicky MatthewsStress

Naming Characters

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One of the worst parts about writing that I’ve found is trying to pick names for my characters. Part of it is because they are based upon people that I know, or at least in a character sense they are. The character shares a quality, an issue, a weakness whatever it is those people are always found scattered in my …

Nicky MatthewsNaming Characters

The Year of the Psycho- Update

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Well, as I stated about a week ago, The year of The Psycho and I were having a fight. I couldn’t find the inspiration to finish it. I’m glad to announce that as of today, I am back to writing it. The table of contents has been changed again, but I hope that this will be the final time that …

Nicky MatthewsThe Year of the Psycho- Update


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Many readers say that reading a good book is like escaping to another reality. However, I find that writing can give the same experience. There are days like the one that I had today where I pull open the story that I’m working on and escape even if it’s only for an hour or so. That feeling often leaves me …

Nicky MatthewsEscapism

Stop thinking! Just Write!

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One mistake that many new writers tend to make is that they write and edit at the same time. I made this mistake for awhile too, until one of my fraternity brothers (It was an honor’s fraternity, they had to let women in) challenged me to a writing challenge. Her plan was that in 30 days we were both going …

Nicky MatthewsStop thinking! Just Write!


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One of the most dreaded projects for writers is often editing. Writing the first draft is easy, but going back and fixing it is tough, especially if you don’t see eye to eye with the person doing it on certain points. Then it becomes a matter of what you like vs what may help to sell more books. For me …

Nicky MatthewsEditing

Art Imitates Life

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When writers first begin to write often times they don’t want to use events that have happened in their lives. For me that was one of the toughest things to go through. How do you relate events that happened in your life to the story that you’re writing? I never was very comfortable with the idea until I got to …

Nicky MatthewsArt Imitates Life