Writers Prompt #33

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What would you do if someone offered you your greatest dream, with “No strings attached”?

Nicky MatthewsWriters Prompt #33

Wort Part of trying to publish?

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The worst part of trying to self publish has to be trying to get an editor. While publishers provide their writers with an actual editor, self publishers have to find their own. This time of year that can be tough due to the fact that many writers take the summer off. So while a lot of writers do their writing …

Nicky MatthewsWort Part of trying to publish?

My Greatest Wishes

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Two of my greatest desires combine together to be one eventually. My greatest wish is that I will eventually be a successful writer who can be a stay at home mom for the kids that I will hopefully eventually have. It’s a big dream, but each day I try to make a step towards it. Be it blog posts here, …

Nicky MatthewsMy Greatest Wishes

What is my greatest mistake?

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We’ve all done something that we later regretted right? Wished that we could go back in time and change it, even though we know that that isn’t the case. Yea, I’ve had those moments….a few too many times in fact. Yet, I’ve always picked up and moved on knowing I can’t change what was done. In this case, though, I …

Nicky MatthewsWhat is my greatest mistake?

So Many Choices….

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When it comes to writing I’m mainly a romance writer. I have written other things in the past but not anything that I’ve been comfortable enough to publish yet. On the flip side of that coin though, I mainly watch crime dramas. Things of the nature of NCIS: LA or CSI or even Law and Order: SVU. I love the …

Nicky MatthewsSo Many Choices….

Writing Prompt #31

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What Genre do you prefer to write and which genre are you more likely to watch?

Nicky MatthewsWriting Prompt #31

Brat Cats

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These two are my writing partners, my rocks when I’m sad, my all around greatest possessions. The gray on is Roo, and the ginger is Gibbs. They are amazing little things, and I’m so glad that I was able to rescue them and give them the home that they didn’t have before.

Nicky MatthewsBrat Cats

This ones the hardest

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For me the hardest emotion to deal with is uncertainty. It’s not the sadness of losing someone, or the hurt of being lied to or some of the other major emotions that you know how you feel. With uncertainty, you don’t actually feel it because you don’t really know how to feel. You’re just in a sense of being stuck …

Nicky MatthewsThis ones the hardest