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Up to No Good – Now Available on Amazon:

What happens when best friends fall madly in love with one another? Or the ex boyfriend doesn’t take it nearly as well as you had intended that he would? That is exactly what Stephanie and Alexander have to decide. Will they manage to keep it all together or will they fall apart and no longer speak to each other? Can Stephanie manage to save her beloved family barn or let it fall to ruins? The answers remain to be seen and there‚Äôs oh so much more to decide, while getting up to no good.

The Year of the Psycho- Available now on Amazon:

One person can change everything about you. But what happens when you realize they aren’t good for you? That they’ve allowed you to make stupid choices? That you’ve wrecked you’re most beloved morals? And worse yet what happens when there’s a psycho involved? Can you learn to love yourself again? Or do you have to give in to your new ways? These questions are among the many that are answered within The Year of the Psycho along with oh so many more.

Daddy’s Letter- Available now on Amazon:

With her parents now gone, Sara is left to deal with the things left and keep the family barn running. Yet when she finds a mystery within that very barn, it sparks a series of events that just could lead to her own happily ever after. Was it planned? Was it her dads way? Find out within the pages of daddy’s letter

Angel In Waiting- Coming to E-stores near you very soon!

The story of what came before Daddy’s Letter. How did Sara end up where she did? What made her the person that she is now? Why are her brothers the way that they are? What great secret has her family kept from her all these years? The answers are all here waiting, just like the angel that came home.