Down the Road Update

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Things are really coming together with this piece. I’m working on doing some research in order to continue on and then I will hopefully have it out to you by the middle of next year! Keep an eye right here for more updates as we continue on in the process.

Nicky MatthewsDown the Road Update

Spring Fever

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My favorite season has to be Spring. All the flowers start to show up, and the birds return and the weather starts to warm up. It is such a pretty season for things outside and after being trapped inside for at least 3 months, it’s good to be able to get back outside.

Nicky MatthewsSpring Fever

Fall has officially hit

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While in the last few weeks we’ve been experiencing a lot of warmer summer like weather, I’m afraid to say that winter has officially hit. We have reached a point where temps don’t reach over 50 and were starting to get ready for what we know will come, winter.

Nicky MatthewsFall has officially hit

Pleasing others pleases me

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The one thing that brings me the most pleasure is that I have the ability to please others. Sometimes it’s just like this with a simple blog or gifting them something simple like a hat or by distracting them for an hour or so with a book or any of the countless other things but in the end that means …

Nicky MatthewsPleasing others pleases me

What’s new in your world?

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Nothing is really new here in Nicky land, I’m just getting ready for winter here in Michigan which seems to be approaching much faster than we would prefer. Along with that I’m working on bringing you all a new piece called Down the Road, it’s one that I enjoy and the characters are quickly becoming favorites of mine. So hopefully …

Nicky MatthewsWhat’s new in your world?

The one most important thing to me?

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If I had to pick one thing that was most important to me, it would probably be the quilt that my grand mother made for me when I was just a little girl. It’s old and been patched several times now but I still love it like I did the day that she gave it to me.

Nicky MatthewsThe one most important thing to me?

Writing Prompt #36

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What is the one most important thing in life for you?

Nicky MatthewsWriting Prompt #36

Life Happens

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Please forgive my extended absence. A lot has been going on in life lately and I had to take care of a few things before I could return to blogging. However, I’m back now and I’m better than ever! So sit down, buckle up, and let’s enjoy the ride shall we?

Nicky MatthewsLife Happens