Daddy’s Letter


Chapter 1- Back to the Present
“Yea, Yea Zeus I’m coming.” Pulling down another hay bale I found myself grumbling. Sometimes horses were worse than two year olds when it came to patience.
Yet a growl slipped thru my lips as I managed to clip another bale sending it tumbling off the back of the stack but it was the sudden metallic thumping noise that surprised me. To the best of my knowledge, all that was back there was more hay. Of course dad had always taken care of the hay deliveries and having them unloaded.
Moving down the isle way, I dropped the bale of hay in Zeus’ stall before turning and heading for the feed room again, ignoring Zeus’ protests that he shouldnt be subjected to eating off the floor. It was just one more reason that the horses around here reminded me of children, each one had its own distinct personality and as my father had always said, they were like people and Zeus was the biggest baby I’d ever met.
However my curiosity overwhelmed me at this moment. Was it possible that my father had been hiding sometime from us? Or was it that my brothers had thought they could pull one over and had hid it only to have forgotten about it?

Since mom and dad’s death all of the boys had become distant including Eli whom I had always been closest to. Though I knew that they had lives of their own with families of their own, it was moments like these that I could certainly use their help. Though I knew that all I had to do was call them and theyd be there, things had been a little tense lately since I’d been adopted as a babe. Yet I was the one who had been left in charge of taking care of the family ranch in our parents wake and as such, that left this as my mystery to solve.
Moving the bales of hay out of the way was like playing a tedious game of Jenga. After all, whatever lay hidden beneath them might be easy to damage and that was the last thing that I wanted to do since there was already a chance that I had.
Finally making a path large enough that I could slip through, I did exactly that. Yet as I moved within the cavern that was created, I was greeted with quite a shock.
“What the hell..” Though I knew no one but the horses was going to hear me, I couldn’t contain the words as the sight of under the bails was a thick clear plastic covering what looked to be a car from what I could see but it was tough to tell.
The next few hours were spent moving bales out of the way of the large barn door, as if brick by brick I seemingly built a wall into the barn, the whinnies and stomps of the horses growing farther and farther away. Yet that was the last thing that I was worried about right now, I was too interested in what it was that was contained beneath the cover.

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