Up To No Good

What do you mean you saw him with another girl?” I nearly shrieked, the coffee cup in my hand sloshing against my hand without the realization that I’d even moved my hand.
“I mean exactly what I said.” Alexander reached a hand across the table setting it on top of mine. “I’m sorry Sara, really I am.” There was something about the roughness of his calloused hand against mine that made me woozy, even having just found out my boyfriend of three years was cheating on me. Yet there was something in those hazel eyes of his that peaked out from under blonde bangs that made me want to fall for him. Without thinking I pulled my hand away, a reaction similar to that of a young child touching a burner for the first time; I was not falling for one of my best friends I wouldn’t allow it, not this soon after finding out what I just had.
“Am I interrupting?” Melinda’s voice split through my thoughts as she slid in beside me. She had been my friend since we were six years old. We’d met on the playground at school when someone was bullying her. She’d been sitting all alone on the bench crying because they’d told her she was stupid for still playing with Barbies. However the truth was that I played with them too and we had formed an instant bond over it. All of these years later, we were still just as good of friends and she knew almost everything about my life, the truth was other than Alexander she was my best friend.
“Not at all.” My voice was more curt than I meant for it to be. The girl talking certainly didn’t sound like me.
“Then why do you look like you’ve just seen a. You told her didn’t you?” Melinda’s eyes turned accusingly to Alexander. “I thought we decided that we weren’t butting in?” So she had known too. This was a fact that only angered me more. How could she have known and not wanted to tell me?
“Wouldn’t you want to know if it was you?”
“Alright, well since you two seem content talking about me I think I’m going to head for home. I’ve got horses waiting to be exercised and chores to be done.” Pushing myself up outta the chair I’d been sitting in and picking up the coffee cup off the table I started for the door.
“Sara, come on you don’t have to…” The door cut off whatever he was going to say as it closed behind me but the truth was I didn’t really want to hear what it was anyways. I was too upset and too hurt to try not to say anything that might hurt Alexander.
Pulling my jacket closer to me to keep out the cool wind, I headed across the quiet street from the coffee shop to where I’d left the car. Hefting open the door on the Impala I drove I slid inside before the door clinked shut. Head dropping against the seat rest, I closed my eyes for a minute. I wasn’t falling for my best friend; I was going to wake up in the morning and this was all going to be a dream. I was going to wake up, pissed off that Jacob had cheated on me, call Melinda, cry my eyes out and invite her over for ice cream and to watch a movie or two in order to feel better. Or at least I could only hope that was what was going to happen.

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Nicky MatthewsUp To No Good